20 Celebrities Who Ditched Makeup In 2017

Bella Breakdown

Celebrities on the red carpet are the picture of glamour and beauty, but in 2017 a whole host of A listers decided to drop the make up and go au natural. From Zendaya, to Alicia Keys, Cindy Crawford and other top celebs, we’ve seen no makeup selfies, fresh faced red carpet appearances and natural face photo shoots.

2017 turned out to be the year of celebs going make up free and showing off their natural beauty, and we are loving it! Most celebrities are only recognizable by their multiple layers of makeup, false eyelashes and hair extensions. So, when celebrities choose to go sans makeup, many fans are often shocked by what how unrecognizable their favorite celebrity might seem. However, this became a growing trend in 2017. In addition to showing that they are real people, going without makeup has made some celebrities seem easier to relate to.

However, there are also funny stories that go along with this, like when Madonna was stopped at customs because no one recognized who she was without makeup. Seeing someone like Sofia Richie without a full face of makeup makes fans realize how young she really is. Additionally, going without makeup might make a celeb seem more relatable. When Katie Holmes was splitting up with Tom Cruise, she was photographed with bags under her eyes, as well as sporting some serious cold sores. Seeing her like this makes us all realize that celebrities are really just like us and they have bad times, too.

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