NYE Mani Made Easy: 3 Brilliant Manicure Hacks for Lazy Girls

#1 – For Cuticle Protection

Outline your cuticles with Elmer’s Glue prior to polishing for a crisp, clean manicure… even on your “bad hand”.

#2 – To Hide Chipped Nails

When you’re a few days away from your next manicure your current polish may be prone to showing a few chips and nicks. A clever way to deal with this issue is to top your old polish with glitter polish. The glitter will act as a distractor and conceal your nail’s chips and cracks.

#3 – Make Neon Polish Pop

We’ve all bought a bright color polish only to have it show up dull on our nails. Well, here’s the trick for getting your brightest neon colors to really pop. Paint on a white basecoat before applying two coats of your favorite neon hue to your nails. You’ll notice that the polish will look lightyears brighter and bolder.

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