3 Brilliant Tips For Creating The Perfect Manicure On The Go!

Bella Breakdown

Alright ladies, we all want to have the perfect manicure, but it’s hard especially when you have somewhere to be! With that being said, we have 3 simple tips to help you create the perfect manicure on the go:
1.Shield Your Cuticles
In order to shield your cuticles take a small amount of glue and outline each cuticle. Paint nails as usual, wait for the glue to dry and remove the glue from your cuticles.

2.For Chipped Nails
We all hate chipped nails especially when we are out and don’t have time to go to the nail salon. A great tip is to add glitter polish!

3.To Make Neon Polish Really Pop
The best thing to do is to use a base coat in white, let it dry, and paint over in white.

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