3 Ex-Girlfriends Describe Their Relationship With The Same Guy

Battle Of The Exes

Ahh…poor Tony. Glamour brought in Tony, along with three of his exes, to see what they all have to say about the guy! Sounds eerily similar to the plot of, “John Tucker Must Die,” and we love it. On the panel of exes we have: Angeline, Sherise, and Ariona. Though all the lovely ladies were attracted to him, it’s interesting to see the major differences between all three relationships. Whether it was their favorite restaurant, what they did for fun or if they said those magical three words or not, each had its own uniqueness.

As it would turn out, all three ladies were attracted to his smile. It is a nice smile, Tony. But he appeared to be attracted to them for different reasons…ranging from hair, to eyes to body. Tony also knows what he wants. Unanimously, across the board, he was the first to make the first “move.” Sounds like Tony is pretty predictable with the ladies!

Interestingly enough, none of the girls knew that Tony’s favorite food is a grilled cheese sandwich! No, not French fries or pizza. Sounds like every relationship, even with the same man, is strikingly different. Check out this video for plenty of laughs!

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