5 Authors That Will Make Your Children Fall in Love with Reading

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From the time I was little, I remember being exposed to books. My mother would read to us every night, we would receive books for gifts, and spend many hours checking out books at the library. For this reason, I was thrilled to be able to pass on my love of books and reading to my own children. Books can teach you about things and places you have never been, as well as events of the past. Additionally, it is one of the best ways to snuggle with your kids. The following list are a few of my favorite children’s book authors that my kids and I both love.

Margaret Wise Brown Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny, and My World – the primary colors in the illustrations are wonderful for littles. Additionally, the simple rhyming and repetition are perfect for small children. As the kids get older, they can name all of the objects in the book, find the hidden mouse or a bunny, and even “read” it themselves, once they have it memorized.

Laura Ingalls Wilder series – I have such fond memories of reading these biographical books of Laura’s life as a child, and even as an adult. My copies are in tatters because I enjoyed reading them so many times. Learning the history of how the early settlers lived from a first-hand perspective is a really neat thing for kids to learn about, especially in this technological age.

J.K. Rowling The Harry Potter series – for older children and teens, these books take you away into a fantastical land filled with wizards, spells and excitement.

Marianne Richmond – Farm Kisses, a Bedtime Story
Even though it is a “baby” book, it is still one of my favorites to read to my kids- just because I LOVE kissing them so much. It’s a great one right before bedtime.

Nancy Van Laan
Rainbow Crow: A Lenape Tale, When Winter Comes, Tickle Tum
I have used these books both as a parent, as well as a teacher. When we studied Native Americans in school, Rainbow Crow was one of the books I used. These books are great for reading aloud to your kids.

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