5 Real Workout Tips for Exhausted New Moms

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(Realistic) Fitness Tips for the Newly Minted Mama

As the mother of a 10-month-old and an 8-year-old, I know a thing or two about being an exhausted new mom. I’ve always envied those mothers who stroll out of the hospital looking perfectly toned, well rested, bright eyed and impeccably dressed and then remain that way through the newborn phase of infancy. Suffice it to say, I’m not that kind of mom.

I’m more of the if-I-manage-to-get-on-eyeliner-I-call-it-a-successful-day kind of mother, and I have a similar approach to fitness when in the new mom-zone as well. If I can just get myself up and out, that’s a success in my book. Getting in a little movement and me-time is what my post-baby fitness tips are all about, they’re realistic and attainable, so basically the very opposite of all those tips and tricks for sleep training a 1-month-old.

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#1 – Listen to Your Body

After having a baby, your body develops a new language with which to speak to you. For example, pre-baby my body would signal its exhaustion by making me yawn or rub my eyes, post-baby my body is always tired and reminds of that fact by encouraging me to pass out into a Sleeping-Beauty-style trance on whatever soft surface is nearest. The same can be said for wanting to work out as a new mom. For me, there came a time (about three months post-partum) where I felt I wanted to be active again and start getting back into my fitness routine. I was mildly taken aback by the loss of stamina for exercise that being a new mom had caused, so I slowed down, and started off simple, with an evening walk and a quick 30 minute at-home morning yoga session. Was it as vigorous as my pre-baby workouts? No, but by listening to my body, I was able to find a routine that suited my new mommy status without intruding on my ever-shrinking free time.

#2 – Try to Mingle Fitness with Family

I get it, having a baby hanging off of you all day long doesn’t exactly leave a new mom with a lot of personal fitness time. The remedy for that situation? Let your baby help you out. Think about it, an infant makes the perfect size weight for very gentle lifting, and it’s always adorable to watch them giggle while you kiss their noses in between push-ups. Or, you could simplify things even further and just opt for a brisk walk with baby, like I did. Making baby a part of my fitness routine actually helped us to bond and meant that I didn’t have to hand-off the baby to my husband to rush to the gym and back before my 8-year-old started her homework.

#3 – Be Patient

You’ve just spent nine long months growing a baby (or possibly more than one, if you’ve given birth to multiples) and while there are those that seem to bounce right back after baby, don’t feel pressured to hold yourself to the same seemingly unachievable standard. Having patience with yourself as a new mom, in general, can make all the different in the world, and more specifically that patience can help you to set realistic and attainable fitness goals for yourself. Accept that getting back to your pre-baby body, if that’s your goal, will take a little time, just like growing your baby, it won’t happen overnight.

#4 – Make Fitness a Social Event

When you find free time as a new mama, it can sometimes be a dilemma trying to figure out how to best use it. Should you visit that friend you haven’t seen in months or should you head to the gym and try to get in a quick workout or spin class? Why not do both. I find that if I schedule my fitness activities with friends, I get all the social charm of a quick afternoon lunch mixed with the physical benefits of a brisk workout. Ok, so ‘.
we’re not spending hours in the gym catching up on life but just being near a friend while doing a fitness activity helps make my workouts fun and eases that feeling of isolation that can sometimes manifest after days home with an infant.

#5- Find a Judgement Free Zone®

This is probably the most important tip of all, especially since finding a Judgement Free Zone® to workout at, like Planet Fitness, can not only help you meet your fitness goals but also help you feel great about yourself while doing it. Planet Fitness features a non-intimidating, hassle-free, welcoming environment that makes everyone feel comfortable. There aren’t any high-pressure sales people or overly critical trainers. At Planet Fitness they cater to the everyday person rather than just the fitness fanatic or body builder. Planet Fitness features more than 1300 locations across the nation, many of which are open and staffed 24/7, making it easy to workout on your time. Best of all Planet Fitness also provides members with an opportunity to connect and support each other with “Planet of Triumphs,” an online community that celebrates all accomplishments and inspirational stories of Planet Fitness members.
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Disclaimer: The content provided by Planet Fitness is designed for educational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before following any fitness advice to determine if it is right for your needs.

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