A Day In The Life Of Jewelry Designer Jennifer Fisher


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Katie Couric talks with the jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher, an iconic jewelry designer. The New York based designer started out with one simple pendent that became hugely popular at the onset of her career.

The charm that started it all was inspired by the birth of her son, Shane. At the time, she was struggling with a tumor on her chest wall, and doctors did not expect her to be able to conceive or bear a healthy child with her these complications. But Shane was born a strong, healthy child, and Jennifer beat her cancer with chemotherapy.

To commemorate her son, she decided to come up with a unique jewelry design, but was unsatisfied with early results. She eventually decided on a simple dog-tag design on a gold chain, with Shane stamped on the rectangular pendant. It was a huge hit among her colleagues while she worked as a stylist, and eventually caught the attention of Uma Therman, who wore it on the cover of Glamour Magazine. This launched Jennifer’s career, but she’s had several other successful designs along the way.

Some of her biggest sensations were her hoop earring designs, which have been coveted by celebrities including, Rhianna, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, and even Michelle Obama. Jennifer states that she’s had an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood, selling splatter paint clothing and button earrings, which she claims was her first foray into jewelry sales.

She also notes some tips for starting a business; to use your own money, don’t do it with partners, don’t be afraid of rejection, and to listen to your gut. Also, to stick with it in spite of setbacks. Jennifer has expanded her business into different areas, including gourmet culinary salts, and asserts that putting yourself out there is the best way to sell something.

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