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*The following is to be read in the tune of High School Musical 2*

“What time is it? Summertime!”

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…’s adorable outdoor fun collection will have you looking GOALS AF all summer long! From beach days to every tub sesh, will have you ready for any summer activity you can think of.

Lucky for us, the sweet ladies at sent us a care package to ensure we were prepared for these hot three months.

We got our beach day started with a huge watermelon design circular towel with plenty of room for all of your BFFs. With a high-quality soft material that’s heavy enough to stop that pesky ocean breeze from cramping your style, it’s the perfect towel for getting your tan on.

But don’t stop there, a beach day isn’t complete without some ice cold beverages, kept nice and chilly in the adorable “Beach Please” cooler bag; the new (and cuter) alternative to a traditional cooler, easy to carry and totally Instagram-worthy. We’re not saying you HAVE to get watermelon flavored drinks, but they would totally complete the vibe.

While we were lucky enough to receive the massively cute heart float that will totally fit you and your bae comfortably, the float selection in has everything from 8ft unicorn floats to mini pineapple floaties for your drinks!

Not into the risk of spilling that comes with drink floats? It’s all good, they wide array of koozies will be a perfect accessory for any occasion. The bright colors and fresh fonts will have friends and strangers alike begging to borrow them. is much more than just the supplier of the most post worthy summer accessories of all time, they also provide totally adorable stationary that you HAVE to check out! Also, we totally gushed over their Luxe Handbag bags back in April, check ’em out HERE.

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