Basketball Makes For A Great Workout

If you’re looking for a more fun way to workout, we recommend trying some basketball. The great thing is you can play a game with some friends or run drills if you are going to the gym solo.

Another great thing about picking up playing basketball is that you can play indoors or outdoors to adjust the intensity of your workout. Here are some of the awesome health benefits for playing basketball:

Playing basketball promotes cardiovascular health and is great for your heart. Since you keep moving while playing, your heart rate increases and helps to build endurance which is key for optimal heart health.

Another benefit is building and improving bone strength. This activity involved weight-bearing and allows for the formation of new bone tissue, while also strengthening muscles. Basketball is also a form of strength training for a true full-body workout, developing lean muscle. It also helps develop your lower back, neck, deltoids, and core muscles.

Aside from helping your body, basketball is also great for improving hand-eye coordination while dribbling the ball. Rebounding shots that you miss will also help train and develop full-body coordination.

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