Best Workouts If Your Goal Is To Burn Some Fat

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Ahh…the New Year’s resolution scramble is now on as we try and stick to our guns yet another year. Most of us choose similar resolutions regarding finances, health and wellness or career goals. Though it’s said only around 20% of us will make it through February with those precious resolutions, we are here to help encourage your goals! The good news is, moderation is still key…you don’t have to do anything drastic!

Fitness and overall wellness is a huge category for self-improvement goals, and the new year definitely heightens our desire to improve our bodies and our minds. With that in mind, we wanted to provide a few options if you’re looking to burn more fat this coming year. According to Business Insider, there are a few things to implement if it’s fat you’re looking to burn.

The article states that running (or cardio), though it’s a great form of exercise, is not enough to lose weight. It’s important to make diet changes as well if you’re looking to continue a running and/or cardio routine. Another suggestions is to add some form of resistance training to your workout regimen. Building some additional muscle, modifying your diet in combination with running or a form of cardio seems to be the suggested key to success for burning fat and losing weight!

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