Bold And Beautiful Lips Are Always In Style

Beauty Bar Breakdown

Beauty Bar Basics teams up with beauty guru Nur (@nurberxo), to give us the lowdown on how to make a statement with your lip color!

Here are a few tips to get that bold and beautiful lip color:

-Pick a color by experimenting: According to Our, if you have fair skin, bright colors will work better for you. Blue tones and colors will keep those pearly whites look bright!

-Swatch to compare tones: Use your hand as a swatch for lip colors, to compare colors against your skin tone and also compare colors to each other.

-Apply a reverse lip liner to keep your chosen color from bleeding.

-Use a lip primer for maximum wear.

-Apply lip liner and chosen color over the entire lip.

-Build the rest of your look around the beautiful lip color you’ve chosen…and rock it this fall!

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