Breakthrough: Brush Your Hair Straight

Luma Classic Brush

Luma Classic Brush

If you have hair like mine, long, thick, and a hassle to style or straighten, then you know all too well that your everyday routine takes a solid 45 minutes to complete. I’ve tried every tool imaginable and yes, I’m being completely serious when I say that. However, I came across one tool that you just have to see in order to believe…it’s that good!

It’s called the Luma Classic Brush and it’s a revolutionary hair straightening tool that will change your hair styling routine forever! Instead of flat ironing your hair every single day you simply just brush it straight! It’s easy, fast and safe for ALL hair types. It dramatically lowers your styling time, which is crucial – it is about 10 times faster than ordinary flat irons.

Top-quality, premium, durable material

Hot ceramic surface is surrounded by spring-backed, plastic heat-insulated bristles that contour to head, protect scalp and safety heat hair as brush glides from root to end

Constant heat of 365 degrees F during use

Takes 60 seconds to heat up

How to use:
1. Use on dry and brushed hair.

2. Be sure you are getting your hair into the inner part of the brush head area- (the turquoise ceramic part)

3. Brush hair slowly away from your scalp in a pulling motion, while the section of hair is being held by your other hand.

4. The Luma is pre-set to automatically heat up to the safest temperature recommended for hair straightening. When the indicator light turns green the brush is ready to use.

This product is truly amazing and it’s a must! It’s not only a time saver, but delivers great results as well!

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