Buffalo Chicken Kale Salad Recipe

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Fall is here with winter right around the corner meaning one thing, the holidays are coming. Luckily we discovered the perfect salad for any holiday get together that is sure to have your friends asking for the recipe.

As the weather gets colder, people tend to focus more on warm meals (and less on salads). This recipe uses buffalo sauce with the chicken to give the salad a bit of heat in the flavor. This recipe for a kale salad with buffalo chicken is sure to warm you up, while eating a healthy serving of protein with vitamin-packed kale.

This recipe calls for four components including – pickled celery, seared cherry tomatoes, stock, cooked chicken, and chopped kale.

The pickled celery calls for apple cider vinegar, water, bay leaves, black peppercorns, and salt.

The seared cherry tomatoes only need a touch of olive oil and salt, bringing a tangy flavor to complement the buffalo chicken.

The stock is a simple combination of chicken stock with brown sugar, that will be used to bring more flavor to the chicken before plating on a bed of chopped kale.

This recipe is so simple all you have to do is add the components together on the bed of kale and enjoy!

To bring more protein to this flavorful salad it is recommended to add toasted walnuts as a topping.

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