Chef Isaac Toups Has Us Craving This 100-Course Meal

One of Pepcid Complete’s latest ads reminds us how much we love some southern, authentic cooking.

In the ad, Pepcid challenges top chef Isaac Toups to cook at 100-course meal for some very lucky guests. One of those guests, of course, was not heartburn (thanks, Pepcid).

Toups not only cooked at Emeril Lagrasse’s New Orleans restaurant, his real big break was appearing on season 13 of Top Chef. He accredits his lack of picky eating to his father, who forced him to try all of the foods at a buffet when he was a child, even though he didn’t want any of them!

But, don’t worry…Toups got his start just like any of us would. He used to cut up filets at Whole Foods. From Whole Foods to top chef…the last thing you need is heartburn to ruin that story!

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