Chic, Yet Child-Friendly Home Décor


Décor That Can Withstand a Home With Children (Yes, It Does Exist)

Sometimes I walk into someone’s house and wonder how they live there with children. They have rooms with clean beautiful furniture and glass items displayed (GASP!). I realized that many of these people don’t let their kids into those rooms. As we all know, kids like to jump on the couch when we are not looking and roughhouse in the living room; not to mention the daily spills that occur on the dining room floor. Therefore, I prefer to have a house with rooms we can live in, without fear of breaking and ruining everything. So, I wanted to find chic items for decorating that will give my house a sense of style, but can withstand being in a home with children in it.

Having a great sofa is a bonus for everyone. People often find themselves in the living rooms of their homes to relax and unwind. Be sure to have a sofa that is upholstered in a fabric that is durable and stain-resistant. While leather isn’t as cozy, it is very wipe-able for spills. Having a couch with slipcovers is another great idea. If the couch gets dirty, you can just wash it. Using a darker color for upholstering your couch is another good idea when you have children. Even if you don’t allow them to eat on it, it is inevitable that sticky fingers will make marks on it.


Before having kids we had a coffee table with wrought iron edges– definitely a no-no for kids. We got rid of it, and instead use an ottoman. You can get a great-looking ottoman and simply place a tray on top to hold drinks when you are sitting in front of the TV. They come in all kinds of material. Leather is a great one for wiping up spills and is durable. The bonus is that you know you won’t end up in the ER with your child needing stitches when they bang their head on it.

Display your valuables up high. Having children doesn’t mean that you have to put everything of value away. You just have to put them out of reach. I have a beautiful crystal bowl given to me by my grandmother. Rather than pack it away into a cabinet, I have it on a high shelf. It can be seen, but not touched. You can also make a statement with a beautiful chandelier or artwork that can be hung high enough not be accessible by little fingers. Additionally, you can find items to decorate that are not extremely breakable. This way, you can keep your style without worry.

Use bold colors. Having bright throw pillows, a table with a pop of color, or a brightly patterned rug are all ways you can bring style to your home while maintaining an environment you can live in.

Having a chic home doesn’t mean that a room has to be inaccessible. Finding elegant, yet durable furniture and placing your valuables wisely can give you a home to be proud of.


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