Cultivate Your Child’s Creativeness With Minikiki Oil Pastels!

Being a mom is truly a unique and beautiful experience. You get to watch your child grow in so many ways and you get to help them along the way providing them with the right tools. If you are anything like me, a busy mom, you know how it feels to be on the go and still try to nurture your child’s creativity as much as possible. Im always trying to collect things to do for long car rides, restaurants, doctors appointments, and even rainy days. I like to get things for my kids that are fun for them, keep them busy, yet help them learn and be creative. When a friend told me about Minikiki Oil Pastels and how much her kids loved them I knew I had to check them out.

When I first received our oil pastels in the mail I didn’t even store them away for the perfect occasion like I do with most of the stuff we buy. I had to show my kids right away as I was so excited about them. The crayons come in 36 rich colors which are oil based and super smooth. One of my favorite parts about them is that they are super high quality, have long lasting color and they are smooth to use. Oil based Pastels makes sure it is a great touch pen and perfect for color mixtures. This Colored Pastels is perfect for using on paper, board or canvas. You will surely find that this pastel color work perfect that regular wax crayons in its rich color and blending and mixture features.

Also another one of my favorite parts and I’m sure will be every moms favorite part…it’s non toxic and totally safe. Their pastel art supplies is CE & ASTM approved, which ensures that it is non toxic, great for you and your children while using our wax pen. This crayons for coloring is not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Like I said earlier, I really love looking for the right tools and this is perfect for creativeness. With these pastels you can mix it up to create your own ideal color. You are certainly able to draw different layer of the color and satisfy with the bright color and the perfect covering power as well as the long lasting of this professional oil pastels.

I highly recommend these to all our beautiful Bellas and your little ones! These oil pastels are truly one of a kind. To find them you can order on Amazon HERE and by using this link you will receive 30% off…how cool is that!

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