DAAMN! The Pocket Stylist You Need NOW!!

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We’ve all been there, frustrated in the closet deciding on what to wear, sending countless images to friends and family but never getting a decent opinion. Or finally getting an opinion that sounds something like, “Aw you look adorable” or, “I love both outfits on you!”

GIRL. We all know you don’t look perfect in every single outfit, and while it is obvious that you don’t wear a crop top to a wedding, what about wearing shorts to a gender reveal party?

These days the rules of fashion tend to switch every hour, and not all of us have the fashionista intuition it takes to stay on top of the etiquette we SHOULD know.

Thankfully DAAMN! is the app with verified stylists to help you with anything fashion, from getting ready to picking out a new outfit in the dressing room!

Simply send in and image (or two) of the outfit you have chosen and then select the category, give the stylist a little more information so they can give you the correct opinion, and submit!

After submission a verified stylist will review your look, from there you can check out your stylists lookbook, get a feel for their personal style along with some super cute inspo for your next outing…or maybe even this one!

In only moments you will have a personal response from your stylist, full of helpful tips on how to amp up your fashion, as well as an honest opinion on the fit of your look along with the level or appropriateness for the even you are attending!

Are you one of the fashion forward that help out your friends when they are in this situation? Find out how you can become a DAAMN Verified Stylist HERE! Put your style smarts to use and help out those in need of an opinion, all while broadening your connections in the fashion world!

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