Discover The Natural Beauty That Lies In The Islands Of Okinawa

Today’s Society

In today’s world, we are so heavily connected. We are constanly on our phones talking to our friends, taking pictures, and posting on social media to impress those around us. As women, we have the constant pressure to act and look a certain way. Fashion makes these unattainable standards and as women, we seem to have an expiration date of some sort.

Jen And Sarah’s Story

Meet Jen and Sarah. They work in fashion and PR around Los Angeles. Jen and Sarah find themselves heavily connected every day in the fashion world, but What happens when they experience a different set of beauty standards? The two were invited on a journey of a lifetime as they experience what it’s like in the peaceful islands of Okinawa.

The Islands Natural Beauty

Okinawa is the most southern point of Japan. Made up of hundreds of islands, Okinawa and the people are renowned for longevity due to their diet, constant activity and outlook on life. The tropical climate is home to vegetation and foliage of all kinds, hundreds of animals, white-sand beaches, crystal clear water and uncharted jungles. The best way to access this gorgeous group of islands is a quick 3-hour flight from Tokyo.

An Experience Of A Lifetime

When the two girls got to the island they explored its natural beauty. They were introduced to so many amazing people who taught the girls that beauty lies in your heart and in your happiness, not just in your looks. The people of Okinawa are known for being positive and happy because they are not constantly connected via the internet, but connected with their island and the people who live there. They like to laugh togeather, tell stories, and sing. They like to enjoy what is around them and thrive off of what they are given in their environment.

There is a whole different culture in Okinawa that is truely inspiring and is kept up by the people there. For everyone who travels there they can unlock a piece of knowledge, a gift of life, and the truth to the meaning of happiness. To see their full story and to learn more be sure to check out the video above!

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