Discovering Orig3n: On A Mission To A Healthier And Happier You!

Discovering Orig3n

Iv’e always been super on top of my health and iv’e always been that person who wants to know everything about their body and why they feel the way they do. I’ve been super intrigued especially playing sports my whole life and now dealing with injuries because of it. If I am tired I immediately wonder if I am lacking vitamin b12 or if I am in pain I know it’s because of the inflammation from my injury so I know I have to take Turmeric…but the one thing I really never knew for sure, even with all the MRI’s, x-rays, and bloodwork was what exactly do my genes tell me. Your genes hold a ton of missing pieces that you can’t find in any other test like MRI’s or x-rays. So when I heard about the Orig3n DNA Tests…I knew I had to check them out!

Orig3n DNA Tests

There are so many awesome DNA tests to choose from, but the one I was most interest in was the Nutrition DNA Test. When I first received my kit I immediately opened it and began taking the sample. They provide a stick that looks like a q-tip that you rub against your cheek for about 30 seconds. No spit. No mess.Just swab and send…literally it was that easy! And as soon as your sample arrives at the lab, they start analyzing your DNA to build yourindividual profile.

Just to put your mind at ease as to where your DNA is going…All DNA analysis is performed in their lab and in their own on-site laboratories in Boston. This means that they never send your DNA sample out to a third-party lab—or any other third party, including insurance companies or employers. They encrypt your test results before they send them back to you, and use extensive security measures to keep your data safe. With the help of regenerative medicine, they’re working to bring hope to people with conditions that are currently beyond repair.

I got my results back fairly quick after sending out the sample, about 2-3 weeks. Somethings your test will analyze…B12, bitter taste, alcohol tolerance, caffeine metabolism, food reward, lactose intolerance, folate, hunger, monounsaturated fat, vitamin c, sweet tooth, weight regain, vitamin a, fatty acid, feeling full, vitamin d3, cholesterol and lipids, appetite, obesity, vitamin b6, and cilantro aversion.

On of the things I found most interesting about my body was that I had the gene that holds b12 longer and i’m most likely not to be deficient…how cool is that! Genes tell you so much about your body and why it functions the way it does.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this to all of our beautiful Bella’s! Not only is this great for you, but it will make a great gift for the holidays! This DNA Nutrition Test helped me look at my body in a whole new way and I can’t recommend it enough! I loved it so much I teamed up with Orig3n to offer you guys a 20% discount if you use the link HERE and use code WHOA20! To stay up to date with Orig3n and all the great deals they have be sure to check them out HERE!

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