Don’t Forget About Dads: Little Everyday Ways to Show Fathers How Special They Are


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Dads are often the unsung heroes of our families. While the moms tend to be the face and visible person in the family, dads are often in the background, quietly supporting the efforts of everyone else in the family. When life gets busy, it can be easy to take your husband for granted. Therefore, the father of your children might not always get the recognition he deserves. If you are looking for ways to be thankful for the dad in your house, here are a few ways you can show your gratitude for the partner in your life.

dontforgetdads2Tell him how much you appreciate him. Setting this example for your children is an important one. After all, he is 50% of the parental unit of your family. It will teach your kids to remember to show how thankful they are for their family members.

Treat him with the same respect and kindness you would a stranger. Saying please and thank you to the cashier at the grocery store or the person who just made your latte is second nature for most of us. However, when your husband does something kind for you, do you always make sure to say thank you? Being respectful and kind to him will also pave the way and set another example for the way your children learn to treat others as well.

Write him a love note. I’m not talking about a long, drawn out epic poem here. A simple post-it note, an I love you heart drawn on a napkin tucked into his lunch, or any other quick written reminder of your affection sends a strong message and means a lot.

Do a little extra. If your spouse comes home wiped out one night, but it is his job to wash the dishes, offer to do that chore for him. Your act of generosity will go a long way toward showing that you care.

Show affection. He will definitely appreciate both the PG kind of affection, as well as the NC-17 kind as well!

Not only will showing kindness and gratitude to your partner strengthen your family’s foundation (after all, you and your partner are the base of the family), it will also the way they kids treat others. When the foundation of your family is strong, it provides a firm base from which your kids will thrive. Plus, another benefit is that he will reciprocate your generosity!
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