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The entertainment industry is a microcosm of this big ol’ world of ours. People of all races, beliefs, and walks of life are coming and going behind the scenes of our favorite music, TV, and movies. Not everyone can go to film school (or wants to), so for those of you who don’t have six degrees to Kevin Bacon, never fear! The Bella Breakdown has your inside scoop on the juicy news, gossip, and goings-on in that sun-soaked mecca of wonder that is Hollywood. No need to buy a map to the homes of the stars, those things are usually a rip-off anyway.

Some of our favorite stars of the year you need to be on the lookout for is JLo, Beyonce, Ellen DeGeneres and more. As you may already know JLo is engaged and we can expect big things from here in the near future. As far as Beyonce, well what can we say she is always relevant and recently picked up her vegan diet again and we are all about it and so are all of her fans! She is even offering Beyonce tickets for life to one lucky fan who converts! And last but not least ELLEN! Everyone loves Ellen! She is the most generous person on this planet, but we recently got news that the end of her show might be near and her fans (aka everyone) went wild in an uproar on social media.

Keep an eye on these three…we definitely will be!

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