Feels Like Friday: Developments In Modern Womanhood

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The ladies of WhoaBella spend their time working, of course. But they notoriously get swept up in deep conversations about life, love, the occasional embarrassing tale, and of course how it always feels like Friday (when it’s actually Monday). After weeks and weeks of insightful conversations, the ladies decided it was time to put pen to paper, well fingers to keyboard really, and document some of the groundbreaking developments about modern womanhood. As most diverse and fun friend groups tend to do, the ladies decided to blog about their strikingly different lives and relationships, in hopes to inspire women everywhere to just be “you.” Because at WhoaBella, we believe your uniqueness is important; for your own benefit yes, but mainly because no one is exempt from our humor (albeit inappropriate humor at times). The more unique you are, the better the jokes and insights get. And the ladies of WhoaBella sure are unique. So, whether “you” like to follow Tom Brady’s workout plan religiously, like to be a dog mom who loves her mimosa by the poolside, or even if “you” don’t know how to say no to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, we love you.

Without further adiue, meet the ladies of WhoaBella as they hold nothing back (but their real names) describing themselves as an animal, and describing their current relationship status:

“Andreina”: If I was an animal I’d be a Lion, I’m a Leo so it goes with my zodiac sign and I feel it says a lot about me. Strong, confident, leader, and family is everything! I’m in a relationship, just passed the 6 month mark, and we are still learning about each other. We have gone through hurdles, and it’s been shaky at times, but we are both madly in Love and hope to marry each other.

“Abby”: Sloth because I admire their dedication to like a calm and patient life. I’m also jealous of the amount of sleep they get. I am extremely married with kids.

“Jennifer”: I am a Cheetah, because they don’t reveal how powerful they are. They just look like little baby kitty cats, then take off 60 miles per hour. I am in a relationship of over two years, almost three, and we live together. We split groceries.

“Tiffany”: I would be an elephant because they are graceful and elegant. I’ve been in a relationship for five years, and am a proud dog mom of two.

“Dream”: I would be a Tiger, because the female tiger is pretty B.A. She can hold her own and is extremely independent, but can also maintain a relationship with a male tiger. I am in a very new relationship, and it’s so amazing as new relationships are, and that’s after being in a long long draining relationship.

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