Fighting The February Boredom Doldrums: Ideas For How To Keep Kids Occupied During Colder Months

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When the weather is cold and the days are short, being cooped up indoors can become somewhat of a tedious situation for our little ones. Let’s be real – it’s not easy for us either. It is during this time that parents end up hearing “I’m bored!” continuously from kids. It might be tempting to give in to allowing your kids extra time watching television, or playing on tablets and phones. However, rather than allowing your kids to zone out in a mindless way, try getting creative instead.

Kids need to be active. Their little bodies need the chance to move and release all of that pent up energy, so get outside! Yes it’s cold outside, but if you bundle your kids up, they don’t care. Go sledding, ice skating or snow tubing. Kids can spend hours playing with a sled or in piles of snow the same way they would at the beach with the sand. Additionally, you can take the opportunity to get out in nature. There is nothing more peaceful than waking through snow covered woods. The quiet blanket that the snow provides is very relaxing. You can even pack a thermos of hot cocoa to enjoy and warm you up while outside.

Go bowling or to another indoor activity park. Bowling, rock climbing, or jumping on trampolines are great fun, indoor activities for the whole family.

Build a tent indoors. You can find a tent that is meant for the indoors and put it in your child’s room, playroom or living room. Kids love tents and can come up with an array of games to play around having a “fort”. If you don’t want to buy one, cover dining room chairs with a giant sheet and make your own.

Visit the library or museum. These are two free or inexpensive ways to do something fun. Many libraries offer story times or other fun activities for kids. Check your local area museums to see which might have free admission or have a “suggested fee”, which means you can pay what you want.

Cook something together. Take the time to bake a treat or make a healthy, hearty pot of something delicious for dinner. There is something very contenting about the smell of good food cooking in your kitchen on a cold winter’s day.

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