Fighting the Fog of “Mom Brain”

Today we're talking about different ways to fight that foggy mental feeling known as "mom brain".

Today we’re talking about different ways to fight that foggy mental feeling known as “mom brain”.

Clearing the Clutter in the Mind of a Mom

Mommy is going crazy!  If I had a nickel for every time I said that I could pay someone to keep me organized!  Like most moms, we all have so many balls in the air that we are trying to juggle and are terrified that one will drop.  The reality is that once you have a baby, everything changes.

Have you ever misplaced something only to find it is right in your hand, waited for something to cook, only you haven’t turned on the burner, searched for your sunglasses that are sitting on top of your head?  I remember several occasions when I looked around for my youngest child only to remember that he was in his carrier strapped to me!

This occurrence of feeling as if your brain has turned to mush is such a common occurrence during pregnancy and when you have young children, it has been coined “Mommy Brain”.  It’s nice to know that if we are going crazy that we are not the only one!  Between out of control hormones and lack of sleep, how are we supposed to cope?

Most importantly, rest whenever you can. 
brainfog2 This is easier to do for a mom of one than of two or more children.  Try not to worry about your house being perfectly clean all the time.  If your baby is taking a nap, try and do the same.  It is amazing how much these short bursts of sleep can help your overall well-being.
Make reminders for yourself. 
brainfog3 If you have something that you really need to remember, write it down, send yourself a reminder text or voice mail, keep a post-it note pad handy and stick the reminders where you are bound to see them.
Ask for help. 
brainfog4 This insane time in your life is not permanent.  If you have family or friends who offer to do something to make your life easier, take them up on it.
Cut yourself some slack. 
brainfog5 Those of us who strove to be “perfect” before having children now have new priorities.  Know that you won’t forget the most important thing — caring for your precious children.
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