Find Out How You Could Be Shaping The Next Generation Of Car Makers!

Bella Breakdown

It’s normal to think that when you have a boy or girl you pair their clothes and their toys accordingly. If you have a girl they probably play with pink toys and dolls and have pink clothes. If you have a boy they most likely have blue toys and play with cars and have blue clothes. Believe it or not, girls start believing certain activities are for boys as early as second grade. But Ford is helping to break the social gender norm and here’s how.
They are letting every parent know that it’s okay to let your little girl play with cars. It’s okay that when she gets older she wants to be in the auto industry. Believe it or not, the toys you give them today will help shape their tomorrow so let them be in control, let them choose!

It’s super important to let them make these life-changing decisions. They should be able to choose what they like and don’t like. You are helping shape their future, let them take the wheel.

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