Great Conversation Starters

Today’s lifestyle-themed video round-up includes all of the interesting things, albeit random, you could talk about at dinner tonight. From the oddest phobia to a troll lurking in a $300k apartment, the conversations over dinner tonight will be anything but boring.

Speaking of things that are not boring, the list of phobias seems to grow by the day. There is the fear of missing out, the fear of cotton balls, and of course, the fear of objects with small holes. Trypophobiaphobia is phobia of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. In this video, Sojourner tells us where her fear of these small holes was derived from…a bees nest in her parents bedroom when she was a child! How odd!

What’s odder than a fear of small holes? Perhaps a troll living in an apartment! Well, okay, so it’s just a statue of a creepy troll…but this New York City couple still keeps the creepy little guy in their awesome apartment. It’s a family heirloom, but is super creepy, nonetheless. The real take-away from this couple’s New York apartment, though, is that if you ever plan on living in NYC, make sure you have a solid and steady income…because it is expensive!

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