Have You Been Putting These Items Down Your Garbage Disposal?

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We’ve all accidentally started the garbage disposal with a spoon, fork or some other small utensil in it and thought the world was ending. Of course your flatware is not intended for the garbage disposal, but there are other things you may be putting down that bad boy that aren’t disposal friendly. It’s made to destroy and conquer, but it’s best to be cautious to avoid any unwanted maintenance calls in your future. Leave the below items for the garbage can, not the garbage disposal!

Here are some items you may be putting down your disposal that you definitely shouldn’t:
1. Coffee grounds: Uh oh…I have a feeling you may not have known this one (we sure didn’t). Coffee grounds actually create a wad of nasty that can easily block your drain and cruddy up the disposal.
2. Bones: Of course most don’t put meat bones down the disposal, but be careful when you finish your meal that there aren’t any bones left on the plate.
3. Pasta and oatmeal: These two unsuspecting food items can actually absorb water and expand within the disposal.
4. Nuts: Another food item, similar to coffee grounds, that can create a paste that block the drain.
5. Onion skins: These are best left in the garbage can as they can easily become wedged in the drain.
6. Egg shells: The shell membrane can cause some major problems for your disposal.
7. Fibrous vegetables: These veggies, like squash, can easily get caught up in the blades.
8. Potato peels: These tricky shavings can slide past the disposal and get caught in the drain.

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