Holiday Savings: Tips And Tricks To Help You Save Big!

It’s our favorite time of the year! It’s the time where we get to see our family and friends, but it’s also the time where we are constantly buying gifts for others making us very conscious of what are budget is especially if we lost track of it on summer vacation and other times through the year! With that being said, we have some great tips and tricks for you to help you save big this holiday season.

Tip #1: Save On Holiday Grocery Sales
During the holiday time there tends to be a lot that goes on in the kitchen. We are usually cooking up a storm which means we are frequently making trips back and forth to the grocery store. Yes, there are staple items that go on sale during the holiday time, but there may be a few you didn’t know about for example butter! Butter usually goes for $4 a box throughout the year, but during the months of November and December, the price can drop to as low as a dollar! And even better you can wrap butter in foil and store it in the fridge for up to 6 months!

Tip #2: Save Gas On Your Holiday Road Trip
Holiday road trips to see your family and friends is always fun. However, the cost of gas can be pricey. With that being said, be sure to be aware of two main things. Make sure if you are in traffic that you are not idling for too long. Idling for too long wastes more gas than you might think! Also, it’s important to be aware of putting your car in cruise control. The cruise control setting is perfect for those long flat roads, but once you start going up hills you want to switch back to your normal driving mode. The harder the cruise control has to work to maintain the speed you set it for the more gas it wastes.

Tip #3: Avoid Spending On Wrapping Paper
Wrapping paper during the holiday season can be expensive especially when you have plenty of gifts to wrap. With that being said, instead of buying wrapping paper you can make your own out of items you have around your house. For example, for the traveler in your family find some old road maps and use it to decorate the gift or even try using old paper bags that we used to use in high school to wrap our textbooks. It’s a fun idea and will help you save big!

Tip #4: Clean Your Dishes With Aluminum Foil!
Aluminum foil is the most effective way to keep the moisture in your food, but instead of tossing it when you’re done you can repurpose it! During the holiday time, the dishes tend to stack up in the sink and sponges get tossed constantly. Just when you thought you were out of your last one with a bunch of dishes to still clean you can try using aluminum foil to get the stuck food out!

Tip #5: Save On Makeup
To rejuvenate thick nail polish try adding a few drops of nail polish thinner so you can squeeze a few more applications out of your favorite brands. And for dried out mascara try adding a couple eye drops in the tube….saving really is that simple!

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