How to Beat the Winter Blues

When the cold weather has got you feeling the blues these clever activities will cheer you right up!

When the cold weather has got you feeling the blues these clever activities will cheer you right up!

Natural Ways To Perk Up When Winter Has Got You Down

Although the year is almost over, the long cold weeks of winter still lie ahead of us. As tedium can sometimes set in, and when it is too cold and dark to go outside, what are some ways we can find some stimulation? Here are some great ways to beat those winter blues!

Get Moving!

winterblues2Find a class at the gym, a friend who is willing to brave the cold and take a walk with you (high school and college tracks are often lit at night), or try a new fun activity where you can get some physical exercise (a mini trampoline in your living room, a challenge to run up and down your stairs 20 times, etc.). Plus there are tons of free workouts you can find on the Internet. One of my favorite sites is Tone It Up. The two friends who run Tone It Up have lots of free workout videos on YouTube. Breaking a sweat and getting your heart racing are proven ways to improve your mood.

Plan a fun weekly activity with your children and family to look forward to. Some great ideas are a family game night, going bowling, roller skating, having a potluck dinner with friends. Including friends and neighbors will keep you motivated to keep the momentum going. Get creative and try something new!

Have sex!

winterblues3 I’m talking about the monogamous kind, not a one night stand, those often create more stress than they relieve. You can get your endorphins pumping while connecting with your partner. How many times have we heard Dr. Oz tell us that this is a good one?


winterblues4 Whether you download some tunes from your childhood that make you smile, or turn on the latest number one hit, if it motivates you to shake your booty, go for it. The nice thing about dancing it that you don’t have to carve out time for it. You can be showering, making dinner, doing the dishes, or any other activity around the house. The beat of a great song can truly lift your mood.

Having things to look forward to, as well as ways to break up the dark, cold monotony of winter are all great ways to boost your mood!
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