How To Carve A Roast Chicken

Carve Your Chicken Or Turkey This Thanksgiving Like A Pro

Are you on duty for cooking this Thanksgiving? Are you ready for the big moment where you carve the turkey? Well, don’t worry…Chris Morocco is the senior food editor for bon appétit, and he is here to save the day!
Here is the most fool proof way to carve chicken:

1. Start by taking the legs off. Separate the breast from the leg, right where they meet. You will hit a bone while carving down into the skin and when you do, put the knife down, and pull the leg away from the bird, and slice the oyster (nugget of meat under the joint) to get the leg completely off.

2. Move on to the breast. There is a center bone called the “keel bone” that runs right through the center. Cut right to the side of it, in theory leaving as little meat on it as possible. Whatever is left behind on that bone you can pick off with your fingers. When you feel resistance from the carcus, again, pull the meat away from the rib bones with your fingers and hands. Slice back to forward, in one direction.

3. Take off the wing from the breast for more pieces of meat. The wing is attached to the top of the breast. Carve around the wing joint to separate it from the breast meat.

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