How to Cut Your Own Bangs

Bella Breakdown

All you other bang beauties out there know that the bang trim struggle is real. Right after a haircut the brow line is perfect and life without the forehead fringe seems absurd… but a few weeks later they’re overgrown and you’re pining, tucking and swooping them out of the way. Finally your bang strife is about to come to an end.


All you need to fix your fringe at home is:

• Fine-tooth comb
• Hair shears

Start with dry hair and part down the middle. Separate the hair you want to turn into bangs from the side sections. For whispy bangs, start closer to your hairline or for thicker bangs, start further back.

Next separate that piece into three separate sections. The middle will be the majority of your bangs and the two side sections will frame your face. Distribute the middle section in the comb.

Distribute the middle section in the comb, and then adjust the comb to decide your preferred length. Start off longer since your can always cut more later. Cut away!

Go back in and hold the shears vertically to soften the edge. Take the two outer sections and cut at a diagonal angle. Go back in again and soften the edges. That’s all there is too it, enjoy that fresh bang feeling way more often with this easy method 😉

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