How To Save Money On Sporting Goods For Students

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School is back in session and with that comes all of the sports that your kids play during the school year. Here are some tips and tricks on how to save money on fall sporting gear that your kids might need. Apps and certain stores can help lower the cost.

The cost of cleats, pads, helmets and other gear adds up quickly. Buying the equipment used can help you save up to half on all of your kids sports equipment needs. Soccer cleats are one of the most popular pieces of sports equipment that people need to buy in the fall.

However, once your kids outgrow the pair from the season, they might still look brand new or just simply gently used. Buying a pair of used ones will help to save money. That way, if your child decides not to continue playing the sport, you have not spent a fortune on equipment that they will never use.

If you are short on time, there are many local buying and selling apps to help you get the job done. Apps like Facebook’s Marketplace, OfferUp, and letgo are all great ways to buy used sports equipment from people in your area. When you use Marketplace, you can check someone’s Facebook profile to confirm that they are legitimate, in order to protect your safety. However, although you can see someone’s profile online, it is always safer to meet the person and a public place, such as a grocery store or police station parking lot.

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