How To Set A More Stylish Table

How You Set Your Table Says A Lot About You

Alex Grossman, creative director at Bon Appétit is back again to show us how to be a little more stylish in how we set our table. Here are a few tips on how to simply and cost efficiently, set your dinner table with a little more pizzaz.

– Find a vintage table cloth: You can find plenty of inexpensive, vintage table cloths online. You table cloth is like the catalyst towards a stellar table setting. You don’t need to iron it, the used look is what gives it life.

– Start with your plates: They should be white and round. End of story! Cutlery should be as little as possible, the color and style is up to you.

– Glasses: Find some mid price, smaller-sized wine glasses. Tumblers are very overplayed. Just buy one kind of wine…you don’t need a red and a white. As for water glasses, find something shorter than the wine glass.

– Find vintage napkins: They should be linen and washed, and can be neatly folded and placed on the plates.

-Trivets can be simple: It doesn’t matter what you get, but get a lot and get a good mix of them!

-Candles are a must: Be creative, or be classic…but have candles!

-Keep centerpieces minimal: Short and small is the way to go!

-Place multiple salt and pepper shakers on the table

-Don’t stain your table cloth: Put a dish under your wine to keep it from staining that vintage table cloth.

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