Inside A Tornado Modeled By A Supercomputer

A Look Inside Of A Tornado

Ever wonder what the inside of a tornado looks like? I know, it’s a pretty scary concept, but now we have the chance to look inside a beast without being in harms way. Thanks to supercomputers, we can now get an HD glimpse into the dynamics of a tornado.

In this video, we see the simulation of a super tornado exceeding speeds of 200 MPH! For all you physics buffs out there, buckle up for this wild and interesting ride. Leigh Orf, Atmospheric Scientist from the University of Wisconsin, studies these superstorms to see how they form and what causes the formations. These supercomputers are capable of 10 thousand-trillion calculations per second. Confused yet? Don’t worry, Orf guides us through one of these storm simulations with ease.

In the future, scientists hope to have more knowledge of these super storms with the guidance of their supercomputers so we can better understand how they operate.

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