It’s Time You See The ‘Canadian Galápagos’

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Haida Gwaii, an island off of British Columbia’s northern coast, has a lot of nicknames….and none of them do this gem any justice. The Canadian Galápagos, Queen Charlotte Islands, whichever name you adhere to, is a vacation lovers’ dream trip. From abundant wildlife, to uplifting forest hikes to surfing…this island has it all.

Here are the best times to plan your visit to Haida Gwaii, depending on your lifestyle:

The surfer: Surfing season here is October to May, along North Beach, the Hiellen, Jungle Beach, and Rinnel Sound.

The nature buff: If you love to camp, hike, walk, fish, etc., you’re best bet is to go during the summer months for the best weather. A lot of the surrounding communities also have summer festivals and festivities.

The music lover: This island hosts Edge of the World Music Festival in August. It’s a 3-day festival and is sure to be just what the doctor ordered.

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