Jhené Aiko Feels Grounded Because Of Her Family

Family Is What Drives Jhené Aiko

Being a singer-songwriter is an always-on-the-go lifestyle, so it’s always nice to see a more relaxed side of a celebrity. We get to see just that as Jhené Aiko is featured in this Ford Front Row Billboard ad.

In this peaceful video for Ford and Billboard, Aiko and her sister Miyoko sit down at their grandmother’s house and talk about family, career and life. The artist emphasizes the importance of family, and how coming home and remembering where you’re from is the best way to ground you and center yourself. We get to see the soft side of Aiko, and get a glimpse into what a day may be like for her as her and Miyoko take a long drive to the studio.

During the ride in her Ford Fusion, Aiko explains how at peace she feels when she can take a long road trip. It gives her time to think about upcoming music or songs she’s currently working on.

Aiko teases her upcoming project multiple times, so stay tuned in for what she has in store for her fans.

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