Keratosis Pilaris: What It Is & How to Manage It

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Could Those Bumps on Your Skin Be More Than Just Everyday Irritation?

Listen up Bellas, today we’re hopefully going to bring some of you a whole lot of clarity when it comes to your skin. Here’s what we mean…check your upper arms, thighs, cheeks and buttocks. If you see or feel little bumps and patches of dry skin, don’t panic!! These bumps are pretty common and affect 40% of the adult population. Many of you may have had them and didn’t know what they were or maybe you’re just discovering them now. Either way we’re here to bring you some clarity. The condition is called Keratosis Pilaris (also unflatteringly known as Chicken Skin)  and we’re going to tell you what you can do to show your skin a little extra love if you have this condition.

Keratosis Pilaris (KP) is a common skin condition that causes dry, rough patches and tiny bumps. The bumps typically don’t hurt or itch, but many find them annoying and embarrassing. Although the statistic above is a percentage based on the adult population, the condition can really occur at any age.

KP happens due to the buildup of keratin, which is a hard protein that shields the skin from anything harmful such as substances and infection. The keratin then forms a plug that blocks the hair follicle opening. This causes the rough and bumpy skin. It’s not certain as to why the keratin builds up in the first place, but what we do know is that the dry skin that’s associated with the condition only worsens KP with time.

Unfortunately, as of right now there is no known cure for this condition, but the good news is that products that contain alpha-hydroxy, like AmLactin, will help with the dry skin thus easing the appearance of the condition. Dermatologists have trusted AmLactin’s products for over 20 years so you know their skin care therapy is no joke!!

What’s great about AmLactin is that there are so many different products to choose from so you can pick the one that fits your everyday needs! Uncover smooth, radiant skin with AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Skin Care. Its unique exfoliating and hydrating alpha-hydroxy therapy gently removes dead skin cells to reveal soft, hydrated skin. It’s the difference between skin care and skin therapy. AmLactin moisturizers are available on and at your local Target, CVS, Walgreens, Costco, Walmart and Rite Aid.

Check out the video below for a detailed lesson on how lactic acid can help your skin fight the effects of KP.

All AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy therapy products are fragrance free, non-greasy, and the best-kept secret for dry skin! The first product I want to tell you about is my absolute favorite; it’s the ‘AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion‘. This one is clinically proven to have 12% lactic acid, pH-balanced for the skin, and it boosts the skin’s natural renewal process. This lotion goes on light and absorbs so quickly. I use this one right after the shower to make sure the moisture is really locked in. And another great part about it is that it will leave you with visibly softer and smoother skin… FINALLY!

There are also three other great products in the line that I make sure I have on hand as I like to switch up and combine some of the lotions into my daily routine. The next one is the ‘AmLactin Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion‘, which is the ONLY formula to combine clinically proven, patented ULTRAPLEX and three essential ceramides to relieve the extreme dryness for 24 hours. This one also helps to bring out visibly softer and smoother skin!

Third is the ‘AmLactin Ultra Hydrating Body Cream‘, which is clinically proven to deeply hydrate and gently exfoliate helping to remove that tough dry skin. This is great for everyday use and should fit perfectly into your daily routine. And last but certainly not least is the ‘AmLactin Foot Cream‘. This cream also uses the patented ULTRAPLEX formula to gently exfoliate and is proven to hydrate. This one is especially great in preventing cracks, splits, and smoothing calluses!

So now that you have a good idea on what KP is and what AmLactin can do to help we would like to tell you about the exclusive giveaway we’re hosting!

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Although AmLactin Skin Care sponsored this post and provided me with product and compensation, all opinions and text are my own.

Uncover smooth, radiant skin with AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Skin Care. Its unique exfoliating and hydrating alpha-hydroxy therapy gently removes dead skin cells to reveal soft, hydrated skin. It’s the difference between skin care and skin therapy. AmLactin moisturizers are available on and at your local Target, CVS, Walgreens, Costco, Walmart and Rite Aid.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AmLactin Skin Care. The opinions and text are all mine.

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