Ki-Juan Minors Steals The Show: You Have To Check This Out!

A Performance Like No Other

From flashing lights to the perfect beat, this performance is sure to have your toe tapping. The Bermuda native, now Floridian, definitely knows how to work the spotlight. His style, as he puts it, is a tropical urban feel with a club vibe.

Ki-Juan Minors isn’t just musically inclined, though. The singer/songwriter also has a heavy equestrian background. He is a professional rider and competes in show jumping and is even an ambassador for TuffRider. Let’s just say, Ki-Juan has his share of performance experience and is no stranger to the spotlight. He was named the 2008 Equestrian Idol in Wellington, Florida. He also performed the National Anthem at the Trump Invitational and the Hampton Classic. During his performance at Equestrian Idol in 2015, some of the judges and many of the spectators alike, suggested he make a career shift from horses to music.

In an interview with Horses Daily, Minors said, “I have considered breaking into the singing world, but it’s a bit of a rocky road trying to break into the music industry. Horses are my heart and music is my soul.”

Though horses may be his heart, it’s evident he has a lot of musical talent, and people have always noticed it.

“My mom was in a group years ago, and she always had my sister and me singing,” Minors said during his interview with Horses Daily. “My sister and I started a group when we were younger and we did song competitions and sang at weddings. We even opened for Patti LaBelle when she came to Bermuda in 2001.”

The equestrian turned singer/songwriter…or perhaps it’s the other way around. Either way, it makes for quite the story. If you’re feeling that tropical vibe, you can find two of Minor’s singles on Apple Music: “Tropical Baby (2016),” and, “Touch Down (2017).”

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