Lessons You Can Teach Your Kids From The Olympics

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There are a lot of lessons you can teach your kids from watching the olympics. Of course, what it takes to become an elite athlete is just one of the many lessons you could present to your kids. Using the Olympics to teach your kids that their dreams are important could be a great learning opportunity for the both of you!

1. Be willing to put in the time: Often times, people have large aspirations but they don’t have the discipline to devote the proper time to achieve said aspirations. Remind your kids of the work load olympic athletes have on their plate just to make it to where they are today.
2. Be their number one fan: Always be in their corner. Remind them that even if and when they ‘fail’ that you will love them no matter what. Encouraging your children to try, without fear of failure, is a huge lesson.
3. Be respectful of your child’s dream: Even if it seems silly, don’t let them see that. Encourage them to chase whatever they are passionate about, giving them subtle reminders if need be. But remember…it’s their dream, not yours.
4. Teach them consistency: Consistency is key in any endeavor, especially when it comes to a dream or passion. Again, if you aren’t willing to put in the proper time and/or effort then perhaps you need to reassess.
5. Teach resilience: Failure is inevitable. You do not need to downplay it, but remind them that they cannot expect to get what they want without a little unexpected turbulence.

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