Love Yourself: Accepting Compliments And Praise

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You bump into a friend and they say to you: “You look great! That shirt looks amazing on you!” Your response is: “Ugh! I feel so fat!” or “It’s not my favorite but I didn’t have anything else clean.” How many times have you or someone you know done this? Rather than accepting a compliment gracefully and thankfully, you push it away. I have definitely been guilty of this, but realized it was time I changed my mindset. Whether sincere or not, there is no punishment for saying thank you to someone’s praise of you and adding it to pad your self-esteem a little bit. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your kids. It’s a great idea to start setting a positive example for your children by accepting love and kindness. You deserve it! Instead of deflecting the compliment, respond by saying, “Hey thanks! I appreciate that.” or “That really made my day.”

Additionally, people feel better about complimenting you when you aren’t a Debbie downer. Usually, when people say something nice, it makes THEM feel good as well. So, do them a favor and accept their kindness with pleasure. Just because someone says something nice about you doesn’t mean that you have to return the compliment immediately (unless it’s authentic). Rather than trying to one-up their compliment, think of something nice to say to them at a later time.

While most of us love to be acknowledged for our hard work, new haircut, or cute outfit, we often find it hard to accept it with gratitude. Practicing the art of gratefulness gracefully will bring you and your friends more joy in the long run. Also, remember how good it feels to receive favorable feedback from others, so pay it forward!

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