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Whew! The holidays are over! I have to confess, as much as I LOVE the holidays, I am truly exhausted afterward and a bit relieved that they are over. I try to get in as much as possible during that time to make it special for my kids and our family. Therefore, I usually end up getting sick and crash afterward. Since this fun and busy time has passed, how can we work on simply just being?

For most of us busy parents, doing nothing is simply not in our DNA. We are caught up in the whole “chicken with its head cut off” syndrome, frantically rush, rush, rushing here and there trying to get everything done each day. While doing nothing is easier said than done, giving these few ideas a try might help you relax.


Most of us can’t even sit still for the one minute our Smart devices have us sit and breathe. Taking a few minutes each day to simply sit and do some deep breathing exercises or being aware of your breath is really beneficial. Taking just that one minute to breathe a few times each day helps you lower your heart rate, and calm your mind when you are feeling frazzled.

Put the technology aside

We are constantly connected and therefore distracted. TV, computer, cell phones, etc. further increase the number of things that take up our time. Having a “timeout” from technology is so refreshing.


Use imagery

Picture yourself as an animal that is quiet, such as a cat or sloth (scratch the sloth image if it is a negative connotation for you). Think of how well these animals simply lay (or hang) and do nothing. Try and mimic that by laying perfectly still and contently. You can use this time to use your mind to imagine each of your muscles relaxing and picturing your body melting into the bed or couch or wherever you are.

Take a bath

While this isn’t exactly doing nothing, it is a great way to take some time for yourself and simply relax. Heck, go crazy and light a candle or put some scented oils in the tub to make it even more pleasant.

Sit in nature

Whether this is simply closing your eyes while your kids are playing at the playground, sitting on your porch and enjoying the sounds of the birds and the wind or actually hiking deeper into nature and experiencing the tranquility, enjoy the serenity of the moment.
Think of taking five minutes for doing nothing as beneficial, rather than a waste of time. Remind yourself that this is the time your brain can recharge, your heart rate can come down and you can just be. When you come back, your crazy, busy, wonderful life will be waiting for you- a calmer you.
Meet The Bella Behind the Blog: Kristen Farley is a mother of three and a domestic goddess. She is a former teacher who enjoys spending lots of time with her kids, healthy eating, volunteering at school, and mommy blogging for the masses.

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