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Helllooooooo fellow cat ladies! If you’re like us, you love your kitties like they’re your own children, meaning you spoil them like crazy. Well, as much as you can anyway. When finding your cattos toys, pet stores seem to keep it simple with the same basic toys. Luckily for us, there is meowbox, the monthly subscription service that delivers a unique box of goodies for your furry friend, it’s even personalized with your kitties name is handwritten on the box!

Each month has a new fun theme, we were lucky enough to get the Sushi box, which may we just say is ADORABLE. All of the toys are super high-quality thanks to meowbox’s dedication to supporting small businesses and their well-made hand-crafted toys and treats! Speaking of treats, all edibles are made in the United States or Canada, ensuring only the highest standards in pet food. Each box comes with 4-6 individual goodies guaranteed to get your cat acting like a kitten all over again!

My cat Herbie is 7 years old and acting like he was 7 months when I gave him his Meowbox! He instantly dove into the wrapping snatching out every toy at once! Since the toys were loaded with catnip, it made for a very fun show. His personal favorite was the Edemeowme, a catnip-infused pod containing 3 individually catnip infused edamame with hilarious faces.

The meowbox team is a close-knit group of cat lovers on a mission to give love to as many cats as they can. When possible, they foster kitten in their office, including two rescues named Zac and Harvey. Their program One Box Can provides a can of food to a shelter cat with each and every Meowbox purchased. You even get the opportunity to track your can to see where you made an awesome difference for a kitty in need!

Is your kitty a picky eater? No worries! You can choose to receive meowboxes with no treats, which means you get more toys!Don’t worry humans, meowbox has goodies for you too in their online shop! Pricing for boxes is $22.95 ranging from monthly to bi-monthly plans, or choose a non-renewing plan ranging from 1 month for $32.95, 3 months for $83.85, or 6 months for $137.70. Meowbox currently ships to the United States and Canada and includes free shipping on all orders.

What are you waiting for? Head over to now and show your best friend how much you love them! 

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