Miomojo: The Ethicool Choice!

Looking Good. Feeling Good. Doing Good.

About five years ago I moved from the comfort of my home town in New Jersey to my new home in Florida. Growing up in New Jersey I was never really exposed to animal suffering. I always assumed animals roamed free and lived their life on luscious green farms. I am a true animal lover, but it wasn’t until I moved to Florida where I adopted two rescue dogs and volunteered at a local shelter, that I began to open my eyes.

I was astonished at how poorly animals were being treated and the cases that came in at the shelter. Becoming more involved in the rescue world I saw more and more horrific abuse intakes. While volunteering, I met a lady who told me the story of her rescue pig and how she recently switched to living a vegan lifestyle after adopting her. That’s when I began to do a ton of research. Floored by all of the graphic content I was seeing, I knew I could no longer be apart of the ongoing cycle. I started asking myself questions like, if I love animals so much why am I contributing to suffering? That day was the best day of my life as I committed to being vegan. I started with food and began to branch out and looked at my lifestyle as a whole. By eating vegan and choosing different restaurants, I saw just how important my choices were. As I began to shop online, I started to search for vegan alternatives. My first search… vegan handbags.

Every choice you make is important and the brands you are choosing to represent. During my vegan handbag search I came across a brand with a purpose…Miomojo! For those of you who don’t know Miomojo is an Italian company who makes vegan bags. Located in their head office in Bergamo, just outside of Milan, their designers create all Miomojo products with thoughtful and meticulous attention to detail. Being Italian, they wholeheartedly believe in the well-known adage that “beauty will save the world”. They simply take it one extra step and are firmly convinced that CRUELTY-FREE beauty will save the world!

They Love Animals…Do You?

They believe that it is a moral imperative for companies to contribute to a better, kinder world. The team at Miomojo has a big heart for animals and as a purpose-driven brand, their mission is to do their part in passionately advocating for the most innocent, defenseless beings on the planet.

Partnering up with amazing local and international organizations, every year they choose different projects to support, causes which are near to their heart, and give their contribution to end the useless and excruciating suffering of animals, exploited in anachronistic performances, despicably used, tortured and killed to create products we could very well live without!

Italian Design

Their designs are completely stunning and a true statement in the fashion world. I got to try out their ‘Essential Weekender Set’ and I truly am in love with it! The design is high quality polyester with vegan leather details, lining in R-PET Fabric and is made 100% from recycled bottles.

Ethically Sourced

Their other best feature is that their collections are ethically produced in carefully selected production facilities in Asia. A reliable supply chain is extremely important to them, and thus these factories were chosen in adherence to their deeply rooted principles. They build long-term relationships and they believe in working with suppliers that share their vision, and that’s why their partners have been working with them since the very beginning. They ensure that they are supporting safe and fair working conditions across their supply chain. Every production is carefully controlled by their own employees in the Miomojo Hong Kong office (established 2 years ago), who perform regular quality control on every production line.

Final Verdict

Supporting brands like Miomojo not only helps the animals and the environment, but supports a ethical lifestyle! I highly recommend you all check them out and support their mission. They are looking to be the change in the world and they need you on their side!

PS. When you order and receive your bags be sure to post a picture and tag them!

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