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Bag Breakdown

When you are a busy mom and your kids are out of diapers (Yay! No more diaper bag!!), your purse ends up being your go-to bag. While I have dreams of having a small, cute purse, I know that isn’t realistic because there are too many things I can’t leave home without. Because my purse is like my take-along desk, I’m here to share what I have in it with you.

Wet One’s hand wipes – my friend who is a nurse in the NICU introduced me to these. They are a good balance between handwashing and sanitizer. They come in both a travel size and canister tub. These also come in handy for wiping down public toilet seats, cleaning up spills, or any other of the multiple times you need to clean and wipe things (for cuts and scrapes, boogie noses, wiping your steering wheel and front console while sitting in car line).

Snacks– like any mom, I have heard the phrase “Mommy I’m hungry!” more times than I care to count. As we all know, hunger is followed quickly by meltdowns. So, I keep a ziplock bag of snacks in my purse for these occasions. It is important to have snacks that can kind of take a beating (aka- being smashed under all of the other stuff in your purse) so my favorites are granola bars. Both Kashi and Cascadian Farms both make good options that my kids like and are reasonably healthy choices.

Sunscreen– We spend a LOT of time outdoors. So, I like either Solar Sense (SPF 50) or Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby (SPF 60) for faces because the kids can do most of it themselves. The sticks are small enough to fit in your purse without taking up too much space.

Tissues– A small travel pack is always a necessity.

Cell phone– I use my phone for so much. Not only do I use it for texting and calling, but I also get a lot of my work done on it while I am sitting in car line or other places. I use it to check my emails and to even get some of my writing done! I feel very reassured by the fact that no matter where I am, the school can always reach me in case of an emergency with one of my kids.

Lip Gloss– like most busy moms, I don’t have lots of time each morning to put on a lot of make-up. Therefore, I keep a great lip gloss in my purse to put on when I am about to walk into an appointment or any other event. It is a quick way to add a little color to your face.

Hand Cream– I wash my hands so many times a day because I am in and out of so many public places. Between that and housework, my hands really take a beating. Therefore, I love this L’Occitane hand cream. I keep a trial size in my purse.

Hand Sanitizer– while I absolutely love the hand wipes, there are definitely many times that also call for hand sanitizer. With the number of germs that my kids and I encounter on a daily basis between school and all of their other activities, this one is a no – brainer!

Cash– OK, so I definitely don’t always have this on hand. However, I am always finding that my kids need a dollar for a dress down day, or a few dollars to put on their lunch account at school, or I simply NEED a coffee at a drive-through and don’t want to charge it. Having around $20 in cash, preferably in small bills, is always really handy in a pinch.
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