Monica Potter: Artisan, Mother, and Entrepreneur

Actress Monica Potter Chats About Life as a Mother & Businesswoman

Golden Globe nominated actress Monica Potter is best known for her work in films and TV series like Parenthood, Patch Adams, Saw and Along Came a Spider.


However she is so much more than just an actress, she is a mother, entrepreneur, decorator, and creator who has dedicated herself to making a mark on the world, not just in Hollywood.

What most people don’t know about Monica is that she creator of home product company Monica Potter Home which offers everything from kitchen textiles and bath products to facial oils and lip balm.


Monica aims to make every house a home by introducing high quality, hand-crafted goods which promote comfort and inspire creativity.

She first became passionate about home decor when she began decorating her home and realized that she had a desire to create a chic living aesthetic which captured the essence of who she was as a person. She wanted to surround herself with items that would always remind her that her home was exactly where she wanted to be.

Combing tradition with her sense of style to create a unique expression of herself is what Monica does best, and now she can share that gift with others through her store.

Her life goal is to turn houses into warm, inviting homes and she is doing exactly that!

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