Nick Jonas Dramatically Reads Craigslist Missed Connections

Bella Breakdown

Nick Jonas has to be our absolute favorite Jonas brother. He is funny, smart, and of course super cute! Back in the day when he was in his boy band we all gushed over him (don’t deny it) we all did! But, now that he is older we gush about him to our friends and kids.

In the video above Nick dramatically reads Craigslist missed connections and you have to check it out! He starts off with reading, “We had a nice chat about life and allergies in the back of the Uber.” He then goes on to read, “I was the blue-eyed brunette in black leggings who asked you if Trader Joe’s was still selling collard greens,” Jonas delivers. “You reported back to me the bad news. While I decided on an alternate, you arranged all the greens. The kale, the romaine, the spinach and micro-greens in the most immaculate formation I’ve ever seen. It was artistry of the type I see in pinecones. When I finally decided on the kale, I clumsily knocked another bag down with it. You picked it up. Then I ran away. Just me, my regret and my organic Tuscan kale.”

Alright, Nick Jonas lovers, this is one you don’t want to miss!

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