One Woman’s Quest To Save Butterflies

The Butterfly Lady of Fire Island

Margaret is known as the butterfly lady of Fire Island, and it’s fairly obvious as to why…she helps caterpillars on their journeys to becoming butterflies.

One day, she found a caterpillar egg in her parsley patch, and it took wings from there. Her main mission is simple: to make more butterflies, one egg at a time. She has created a daily routine of it…first, she finds eggs. Then, she places the egg and the host plant in a jar of water. Each jar has a label with how many eggs are in it as well as the date of capture. Talk about dedication!

Margaret has turned her kitchen into a butterfly breeding haven, complete with plants, flowers and plenty of space for the caterpillars to make their heroic leap towards earning their wings. Once the butterfly has grown its wings, Margaret releases it back into the world. We need more Margarets in this world.

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