Pat Healy: Making His Big Directorial Debut!

Exclusive Interview

Pat Healy has 100 films and TV credits to his name and now he’s making his directorial debut with Taylor Schilling! His new film Take Me, is about a character named Ray Moody. Ray is an entrepreneur trying to make his company successful in Los Angeles. His business Kidnap Solutions, LLC, specializes in simulated abduction. Basically, if you want to be kidnapped for fun (I know that sounds odd) or for therapeutic reasons you hire him!

He chose this film for his directorial debut because he had an immediate connection with it! The film is funny, tense and the characters are amazing! It’s not your average kidnapping crime comedy that’s for sure. And when asked if being a director now has changed the way he approached acting roles he said, “I think I have always thought of myself as a director because I have been such a cinephile since I was a kid. I always knew how to act, but I always thought that it was my way into doing all of this. Then, I became a writer and finally, it became time to do this and find the right material.”
The one downfall for Pat was that he would never put himself as the lead role ever again. After being in a room editing and watching himself over and over it became difficult. On the flip side, working with Taylor Schilling had to be his favorite parts!

For more details be sure to check out the video above!

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