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Before we had children, my husband and I used to have weekly date nights. However, once we had kids, we were so tired and money became a priority to go toward “kid stuff” (and did I mention that we were so tired), that those times became few and far between. However, since our three kids are a little older and everyone sleeps through the night, we are always trying to find ways to get out and do something together without too much effort and without breaking the bank.

Finding a reliable sitter is the first thing you have to do. I really, REALLY don’t like asking for help, but once in a while I will take a friend up on an offer to watch the kids. If you have a trustworthy neighbor or another friend who would be willing, try to trade babysitting services (you watch her kids one day and she watches yours another day). I have a neighbor who is retired and every once in a while she is happy to bring her sewing to our house and just be a warm body to sit after we have put the kids to bed. Additionally, if you don’t have family nearby, it’s important to have a reliable sitter that you can hire when you need one.

romantic-diy-mini-dates2Take a walk. For some strange reason, my husband and I have some of our best conversations while walking together. So, once a week we pack all of the kids into 2 strollers (he pushes a single and I push a double) and off we go. We make sure to have books, toys and snacks for the kids to keep them occupied. This allows us an hour or so of time together, and it’s FREE!

Paint and sip. Places that either sell pottery that you can paint or canvases to paint while you drink wine are popping up all over the place. Many are BYOB so you can bring a bottle of wine and talk while you paint.

An outdoor picnic. Pack a basket with a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers or your other favorite hors d’oeuvres or go nuts and make an entire meal. Bring it to your favorite outdoor spot, whether it be a beach, a park or just a grassy field. You can also find a local camp site and make foil dinners to cook over the camp fire. Add the fixings for s’mores and it’s a perfect night out.

Go on a date that reminds you of being a kid. Play miniature golf, go ice skating, go out for ice cream, or go bowling. These are all things you would have done when you were a teenager and might remind you of those care-free days.

A night in. If you are fortunate enough to have grandparents or other family members nearby who are willing to take your littles overnight, you can simply enjoy a night home alone. Need I say more???
Although your date night will not have the effortlessness of your pre-children days, it will be well worth it. With these simple ideas, you will be on your way to renewing your connection with your partner.
Meet The Bella Behind the Blog: Kristen Farley is a mother of three and a domestic goddess. She is a former teacher who enjoys spending lots of time with her kids, healthy eating, volunteering at school, and mommy blogging for the masses.

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