Sarah Silverman Dishes On Her Celeb Crushes

“You’ll Never Be Cast As Someone Who Deserves Love”

The first thing Jamie Foxx says when Sarah Silverman enters his trailer is “every time I see you, I light up.” That’s just one of the many things that makes Silverman such a power-house in comedy. Her squeaky yet charming voice covers up the fact that she has the mouth of a sailor and is not afraid to share her opinion.

Of course, in comedy, you’re always battling a tough crowd. Silverman comments on the many times she’s been humiliated or bombed comedy gigs, including one stand up gig for Showtime at the Apollo where she was “pelted with tokens.” But that never stopped her from blossoming into the I Love America star who has racked up multiple Emmy wins and a Screen Actors Guild award.

The two comedians quickly bounce from some of their defeats to a conversation on celebrity crushes. Silverman admits it was John Cusak in Say Anything that “hurt her heart,” but this TV-loving girl ended up falling for Fonzie, the Happy Days character portrayed by Henry Winkler as a teen.

Foxx and Silverman turn all of the negative experiences they discuss into opportunities to learn to grow and love yourself. Silverman was even once told she would “never be cast as someone who deserves love” by a very famous director. But the two never dwell on the negativity for too long. It was that abrasive comment that fired up Silverman to strive for something more in her career, a lesson we can all learn from.

So whenever someone tells you that you aren’t good enough, take a page out of Silverman’s book. Every time you get knocked down, use it to build yourself back up even stronger.

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